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Terri's Chocolaty Heaven Cupcakes: 
Chocolate fudge cake filled with chocolate chips, topped with a chocolate marshmallow fudge buttercream and covered in chocolate sprinkles.


Sarah's Peaches and Cream Cupcakes:  
Vanilla cake, together with a sweet peach filling and topped with peachy cream cheese fluffy whip.


Gloís Chocolate Covered Strawberry Cupcakes:  Sweet strawberry cake made with fresh strawberries and filled with chocolate swirls, topped with chocolate ganache, fresh strawberry cream cheese fluffy whip and covered in chocolate curls.


Robinís Triple Chocolate Fudge Cupcakes:  Chocolate fudge cake filled with creamy chocolate fudge, topped with chocolate fudge marshmallow buttercream. 



McQuerrey Berry Cupcakes:  Moist vanilla cake with a fresh blueberry-blackberry filing, topped with blueberry cream cheese fluffy whip and embellished with a fresh blackberry. 



The Thompsonís Oklahoma Pecan Pie Cupcake:  Caramel cake filled with crushed pecans, layered with gooey brown sugar and topped with butter-pecan buttercream. 



The Gambleís Fresh Apple Cider Cupcakes:  Apple cinnamon cake, filled with fresh apples and topped with apple cider cream cheese fluffy whip.



Lee Lime Cupcakes:  Tangy key-lime cake filled with fresh, creamy lime curd, topped with our signature cream cheese fluffy whip, sprinkled with vanilla cookie crumbles and garnished with a fresh lime wedge.



Tree Hill Harvest Cupcakes:  Cranberry-Peach cake layered with brown sugar and cinnamon, topped with a cinnamon peach cream cheese fluffy whip and garnished with a candied cranberry.



Tannerís Peanut Butter and Jelly Cupcakes:  Moist peanut butter cake filled with either strawberry, blueberry or grape jam and topped with swirls of the jam and peanut butter cream cheese fluffy whip.



Pattyís Heavenly Day Pink Lemonade Cupcakes:  Moist lemon cake, soft pink in color with a bright pink lemonade buttercream dusted with a sparkly, pink sanding sugar. 



Adamís Holiday in Spain Breakfast Cupcakes:  Rich, buttery cake filled with cinnamon sugar and crushed almonds, topped with brown sugar cream cheese fluffy whip and covered in sliced almonds. 



JTís October Road Cupcakes:  Spice cake filled with walnuts, topped with pumpkin cream cheese fluffy whip and adorned with a crispy almond cookie.



Brandiís Happy Cupcakes:  Chocolate cake filled with fluffy whip, topped with chocolate ganache and embellished with white chocolate swirls.



Ryanís La Cienega Cupcakes:  Ginger-orange cake topped with ginger honey cream cheese fluffy whip and adorned with a crispy ginger wafer and a mini orange slice. 


Edwardís Favorite Strawberry-Pineapple Cupcakes:  Fresh strawberry-pineapple cake made with fresh fruit and topped with fresh strawberry-pineapple cream cheese fluffy whip.

Mariaís Creamy Lemon-Lime Cupcakes:  Moist lemon cake filled with creamy lime custard and topped with a tangy lemon-lime buttercream.  

Whitson Watermelon Cupcakes:  Sweet vanilla cake, topped with fresh watermelon cream cheese fluffy whip and sprinkled with fresh watermelon sugar.


Amelia's Banana Split Cupcakes:  Moist yellow cake, filled with fresh bananas and chocolate ganache, topped with vanilla cream cheese fluffy whip, drizzled with chocolate ganache, covered with chopped nuts and topped with a sweet cherry.


Great Choice
for Fall

Sausalito Salted Caramel Cupcakes:  Moist vanilla cake, infused with sweet caramel swirls, topped with gooey caramel and vanilla bean buttercream. Next they're garnished with crunchy San Francisco sea salt.  

Baby Brysen's Sweet and Plump Raspberry Vanilla Cupcakes:  Moist vanilla cake filled with fresh raspberry sauce, topped with sweet raspberry vanilla cream cheese fluffy whip and sprinkled with raspberry sugar.


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Neewollah's Blood Orange Chocolate Cupcakes:  Moist chocolate cake, infused with tangy blood orange juice and topped with chocolate fudge ganache and vanilla bean buttercream.

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  Cupcakes  $25.00 per Dozen (or $45.00 for 2 Dozen of same variety)

Free pickup or $5.00 for local delivery

~~Don't forget to ask about our buttercream and signature cream cheese fluffy whip colors that are available on select cupcakes!